Saturday, January 14, 2012

The 3 Day Diet Plan-Fat loss Effectitve Plan

3 Day Diet Plan

Apart from your body weight,being overweight do more harm than good in many ways. Areas such as self esteem, quality of life as it also brings about depression,health risks and physical in capabilities.You then have to look out for wight loss plan that would help save you from its sordid state of obesity.Going on a 3 day diet plan would help remove these excess fat and get you back to shape.

However,before embarking any 3 day diet plan, you might need to see a doctor to give recommendations on which plan would best work for you in cutting down on you overweight.Basically for any proper weight loss program are hinged on 4 things: what you eat,how to eat, behavior and level of activity.

But in this article,i will be focusing on 3 day diet plan that you can put to use to help eliminate these unwanted fat.

Day 1 Diet Plan- You must eat more fibers as you get filled more easily and stay longer in the stomach.It also slows the digest rate.Having a single serving of whole grain bread takes fat through the digestive system quickly. This bread will be converted into blood sugar that increase the insulin level and this give signals to the body to be more active as it tells the body when it should stop burning fats or begin to store it up.

Day 2 Diet Plan- Don't eat fried foods especially deep-fried ones.This is because this has a large quantity of fat.Fish and chicken do have leaner meat,but the white meat has more fat than when the beef is fried.So,it is best for you to eat more of grilled meat as this have low amount of fat than cooked food.

Day 3 Diet Plan- Take at least six to eight glasses of water every day.This will keep the body refreshed.For you to lose weight, you should know that the amount of weight you lose depends on how your body removes wastes.You need to take more of water for you to achieve this.

In conclusion,maintaining a high level of discipline and consistency is the best way to lose weight fast. In addition,proper dieting,workout in the right application will result in faster weight loss than starting a quick fix method and the going back to your old habits as this would lead to gaining more weight that when you started your 3 day diet plan.